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Quick International (a Kuehne+Nagel company) sets the standard with 40 years’ experience at providing time-critical shipping solutions.

Are your looking for a provider to handle your time-critical or temperature-sensitive packages? You can rely on our partners at Quick, whose team of logistics experts provide customised, urgent shipping solutions.

From project management to transportation solutions to compliance and more, the Quick team is focused on providing you complete logistics support. Whether you’re active in the healthcare, life sciences, pharma, biotech, aviation, high-tech, manufacturing or IT industries, Quick helps you to meet – and even exceed – your tightest time frames. You’ll have access to specially trained experts 24/7, who are focused on expediting safe, secure and on-time delivery of your critical shipments.

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Quick has four divisions, all with specialised teams that have in-depth knowledge of managing logistics in your industry:

Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics

Quick has supported healthcare companies’ critical work for 40 years – delivering customised solutions that save lives. Every day, Quick safely transports human organs, tissue, blood products, personalised medicine and medical devices. With unmatched logistics expertise, your critical shipments are always handled with the highest level of attention, reliability and care.

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Sterling Global Aviation Logistics

You can depend on Sterling, the aerospace and aviation industry’s premier logistics company, whose focus is on getting your grounded planes back in the air as quickly as possible. Specialising in AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situations, Sterling’s team of logistics specialists are available 24/7, and work to ensure your critical aircraft parts - not matter how large or small - are delivered where and when they’re needed.

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QuickSTAT Global Life Science Logistics

From trial to treatment, your time- and temperature-sensitive clinical research specimens, investigational drugs and biologics must be handled with the utmost care. To ensure this, QuickSTAT provides around-the-clock logistics and transportation solutions. Life science companies throughout the world rely on QuickSTAT to help bring important new drugs and medical protocols to market.

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Quick Specialty Logistics

When you have urgent and complicated logistics requirements, we are here for you. Since 1981, Quick Specialty Logistics has been fulfilling the impossible requests that are so common in the world of technology. With a global team of project management experts, you’ll benefit from Quick’s end-to-end technology logistics, closed-loop, fast and secure solutions and around-the-clock access to regulatory consultation and support.

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Across all of our business units, Quick delivers the same high level of focus on managing your time-critical shipments, providing you with:

  • 24/7 expert support: You’ll receive the best advice and guidance tailored to your specific projects, from regulatory and customs compliance and dangerous goods classifications, to packaging selection and routing optimisation.
  • Global footprint, worldwide delivery: Wherever your shipment needs to go, Quick will get it there – actively managing its journey across the country or around the world. Our long-term relationships with the global airline network allow us to choose the fastest and safest route for your shipments.
  • Leading IT solutions: Providing you with access to the industry’s most advanced supply chain logistics software, Quick’s technology ensures each shipment arrives on time and meets all of your supply chain needs.
  • Shipment monitoring: You’ll get real-time tracking notifications with each milestone. Plus, Quick monitors shipment conditions and chain of custody to ensure the integrity of your shipments.
  • Contingency planning: To ensure your shipments are delivered by their deadline, we monitor airline alerts and activities around the world, such as weather conditions or global events and security threats, assessing the best routings and setting contingency plans.
  • KPI metrics: You’ll have access to key performance indicator (KPI) metrics that measure Quick’s operations, service partner performance and supply chain efficiency.

When you need a partner to support your time-critical shipments, reach out to one of Quick’s logistics experts today.

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